Platform Covid-19 Notice

We shall meet on Rainbow Road again


We knew this would be true and we’re delighted to say that as we reopen we are working to do so as safely as possible. We have implemented several measures that protect our employees, customers and community.

We have been avidly following the latest guidance and updating accordingly. Our processes are under constant review inline with the above and also incorporating feedback from our team and guests. Your health is our primary concern.


We are proud to say we have achieved the Comprehensive Food Alert Covid-19 Secure  Certification. In addition, our team has undergone extensive training and gained accredited COVID-19 training through our friends at FoodAlert.

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Covid-19 Standard Certification

Comprehensive Team Training


We have taken care to ensure all of our safety (yours and ours) throughout the venue. Please take time to read and follow our #gamesafe guidelines

Online Booking

Card Payment Only

Table Service Only

Social Distance 1m

Venue Flow System

Minimising Contact

  • All spaces can be booked in advance online
  • We will be accepting card payment only
  • We will be providing table service only – contact with multiple servers will be limited wherever possible throughout your visit. All drinks and food from our kitchen and bar will be brought to your “service zone”
  • We have clear markings in the venue that show 1m distance we ask that you comply with these responsibly during your visit
  • There are clear markings indicating a flow system at certain points within the venue. Please follow these directives for your own and other guests safety.
  • We have recycled single-use menus – these can also be found online.
  • We have fixed screens between all of our booths to ensure contact between groups is avoidable
  • We have ‘stand-by’ screens available upon request to ensure maximum safety between groups
  • Each booth will be equipped with a small square ‘drop and run’ table. Our team will bring your drinks to your area, but in order to minimise closeness and contamination, they will leave your drinks on the table. This also helps us not insert our heads in front of your widescreens, which means we can no longer be blamed for any losing streaks!


Sanitiser Stations


Gaming Gloves


  • Several sanitiser stations have been placed around the venue .
  • Gaming gloves are available for all customers in all gaming zones.
  • Masks are also available upon request.
  • All controllers will be sanitised regularly and between bookings; using 70%+ alcohol products. Our hosts will be happy to clean them upon request.
  • Our toilets are cleaned every 30 minutes including all taps, flushers and door handles
  • All door handles and ‘touch points’ will be cleaned every 30 minutes
  • Our team will be washing their hands between all tasks and every 20 minutes – they will be following very strict cleanliness standards and protocol.

The rules to follow for your visit

  1. Do not come into our venue if you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19
  2. Please do not come any earlier than ten minutes prior to your booking
  3. Use the markings outside and in the entranceway to queue at a 1m distance from our team and one another – we will attend to you ASAP
  4. When you enter the venue please wait for the MD to initiate your experience
  5. Please Respect our team and any distance they ask you to keep
  6. We will ask your lead booker to confirm they have read and agreed to our bookings Terms & Conditions and agreed to our COVID-19 rules on behalf of your group
  7. Keep the 1m plus physical distancing between our team and other guests wherever possible
  8. Go with the Flow: we have placed arrows and directives at all our venue’s ‘pinch points’.  Follow the arrows and signage around the building – this will keep our guests and team safe
  9. Table service only – please wait for your server and don’t venture up to the bar
  10. As we are limiting servers to your area wherever possible, this is the first time in hospitality history that we grant you permission to stand and wave your arms if you require attention – enjoy it!
  11. Use the knife and fork provided – no need to stick your hands in your mouth hey!
  12. Feel free to use the complimentary gloves to game and/or to request a medical-grade, disposable mask at any point during your visit!
  13. We ask that you leave all masks and gloves in your designated area, or at your table, so our staff can safely dispose of them
  14. Our team has been given a strong set of ‘clean team’ rules to follow, whatever the weather, so please be patient with our people!
  15. Stay safe, game face and most importantly – wash your hands!


  • All staff will be screened prior to every shift and are following strict rules surrounding reporting COVID-19 symptoms
  • We have implemented the Cycle to Work Scheme so our staff avoid public transport wherever possible
  • We have altered shift and opening times to ensure that all our team members are able to avoid peak travel times
  • All staff have received new uniforms and are required to change into clean clothes prior to every shift
  • All uniforms will be hot washed between shifts

Track & Trace

We are careful to ensure we contain and slow any spread of Covid-19.  If any of our guests or team members contract Covid-19  we will send communications to all guest and take necessary next steps.

We have taken the details of your ‘lead’ booker – should anyone guest or team member contract Covid-19 we will email your lead booker to tell them this and the venue will take immediate action in line with local council regulations to ensure our venue is fully safe before allowing guests to return.

Have fun and see you on Rainbow Road!

Please contact us at any time: [email protected]

The Platform Team

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At this time online bookings can only be made for groups of max. 25 people. FAQs here, or Enquire Now for larger parties.

At this time online bookings can only be made for groups of max. 25 people.
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FAQs here, or Enquire Now for larger parties.

At this time online bookings can only be made for groups of 1-10 people. FAQs here, or Enquire Now for larger parties.

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