If you don’t want your experience to end, you can ask our team if it’s possible to extend your time. We do offer add-on extensions, but only if there isn’t another booking after you. These can only be purchased on-site on the day and aren’t available through our bookings system, or able to be arranged prior to your visit. 

90 minutes is peak entertainment time (think football and film). Our Video Games Experience is only bookable online in a 90 minute format. You are of course free to book two back-to-back slots if you’re in for a big game!

We often get people who want to level up the dull lunch break with some button bashing. As such when we get walk-ins during the week, we simply offer 30 minute and 60 minute slots if we have availability! You cannot currently book these slots, although Platform Express is something we’ll look to do in the near future!

The majority of our pizza toppings are gluten-free and we have gluten free bases available. Please note, due to only having one pizza oven, we are unable to cater for coeliacs and cannot eliminate cross contamination in our kitchen. We also have an array of snacks available on site. Please email hello@experienceplatform.co.uk for further information! 

All of our pizza bases are vegan and we offer vegan cheese as an alternative to dairy. Please email hello@experienceplatform.co.uk for further information regarding dietary options! 

We certainly do. If you’re a large group we can either offer neighbouring booths or depending upon group size we can offer a partial hire, whereby you’d have your own private area featuring four player booths and a space to eat, drink and be merry!

A maximum of 8 people can play in our large player booths. However, turn-taking and screaming words of encouragement is highly recommended. If you have any questions about group sizes please email hello@experienceplatform.co.uk and our Bookings Manager will happily assist 

We allow under 18’s into the venue until 5pm


Please note that under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times for the duration of their visit!

Platform is an inclusive place and as such we welcome families at safe and relevant times. Under-18s are very welcome up until 5pm, and must be accompanied by an adult. On Mondays we offer all our gaming for £5 per person

Absolutely not. We have a great space for multiple purposes. We get a lot of laptop users, lunch goers, evening hangouts and the like. Feel free to pop down and enjoy our space any time! 

Your bottomless package only includes the drinks listed. However, you are of course free to make any additional purchases you wish. Just call on one of our team or use the handy table order app. We cannot offer substitutions for the drinks listed in the bottomless package.

Of course. We’re incredibly inclusive and have a great range of soft drinks & low n’ no’s for those not wishing to drink. Some of your squad can book bottomless and others can simply book to game and order soft drinks, mocktails et al via pre-order or on the day. We recommend this option as the most cost effective!

Ah yes. As you book you will be asked if you wish to order anything from our menu prior to completing your booking. Sometimes it’s handy to have a few drinks or a bite to eat lined up to optimise your game time.

We have many seasonal offers and promotions. As you book you will be notified of any offers and will be able to select and apply them to your booking!

If you went to the cinema and closed your eyes for the film, would you be charged? Whilst we think gaming is a great spectator sport, we do charge per person for access to our video game booths. Our staff can’t police who plays and the likelihood is, you’ll really want to join in at some point. A lot of our video games are made for teams and turn-taking, so we always advise a healthy play/watch combo!

Exactly that. We schedule great new releases, indie features, classics and obscure titles. Our guests have access to a wide range of games for different occasions and our programme consistently changes to keep our offering fresh and current. Our team of hosts are always on hand to make recommendations for your mood or occasion. Make sure to utilise their top-tips, tricks and knowledge!

to make sure you get your drinks as and when you’re willing to press pause. Our team always go the extra mile for guests, so if you have any requests, give them a shout at hello@experienceplatform.co.uk and they’ll be super happy to help!

Platform set out to dismantle the notion of ‘a gamer’. Can you go to the cinema if you’re not a film connoisseur? Would you go bowling if you didn’t practice every week? Do we enjoy watching sports but we’re not Serena Williams? Most people attend experience driven occasions without being an expert. We think the idea of a ‘gamer’ really undermines a huge entertainment industry that has evolved to truly offer something for everyone. We think that not liking any games is a bit similar to not liking any music – impossible. Access to video games has been restricted by many things, such as an idea of a gamer or the expense of consoles and games. We offer a multitude of game genres and for those not sure we always recommend a bash on the Nintendo, designed to be super easy to access and difficult to master. Our hosts are always on hand to make recommendations according to your wants and needs. Whether it’s some button bashing, epic storytelling, immersion, hyper competitive, dancing or just really fun play time: Video Games are for everyone! 

Our space is great for accommodating any occasion. We’ve seen everything from massive global gaming launches and corporate team builders, to grandma’s 80th. If you want to discuss hiring our venue or a partial hire, then head over to our Private Hire & Events page and enquire! 


What discounts do you offer?


We offer a Cheap Mondays deal to ensure that there’s always a time where everyone can access our experience. We also have a multitude of seasonal and promotional offers.


We offer 25% discount to all frontline workers (NHS staff, emergency responders et al), hospitality employees and 65+. These discounts apply only to food and drink and can not be used when booking online! 

Possibly not. If you have any questions at all, please email us at hello@experienceplatform.co.uk and we will always be super happy to help you get your game on!

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