12 Games of Christmas

What a year it’s been. Now that lockdown’s ended, it’s the perfect time to get together and play together. We’ve compiled the best games to play at home but more importantly to play IRL here at Platform . Whether you’re competitive or collaborative here are the top games to be played IRL or from home. […]

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An Ode to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing became the top game of 2020. Who knew we needed it so much? First of all, my love for Animal Crossing knows no bounds. Since the UK went into lockdown in March, it’s all I’ve been doing with my life. This is  the game that likely led to the Nintendo Switch console suddenly […]


New Friends: Gaming x Fashion Collaborations

2020 has been a game changer in many ways…  but who would have predicted it would be the year  that fashionistas and gamers became BFFs 4 lyfe? The once somewhat fraught relationship between fashion and gaming has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, but 2020 has officially made gaming internationally COOL. More than […]


STRONG FEMALE LEAD: Top 10 Feminist Videogame Characters

Move over guys. Breaking boundaries and smashing stereotypes all of their own,  that’s what Platform is all about and we have picked out the best of the best PLAYABLE female gaming characters, while avoiding the cliches of needing-a-man-to-save-her Princess Peach or born-into-privilege Lara Croft (she has a butler for goodness sake). Take a look at […]

Platform Smash 100k Running Challenge

Platform Smash 1000k Run for Mind in the City Hackney & Waltham Forrest

10 members of the Platform Team, from every level of the Company, are coming together to collectively run 1000k to raise £1000 in one month for  Mind CHWF. That means 100k each by 11th December! Our mission, is to raise money for and awareness of, this hugely important charity.  However, given the difficulty and varying […]


Top 6 Scariest Video Game Characters

There are two schools of thought on Halloween costumes; those who think that it’s about taking everyday professions and putting the word “sexy” in front of them, and those that think that it’s about dressing as a hideous monster. At Platform, we fall very heavily into the latter category. To inspire your next costume please […]


Halloween: Top 6 spooky video games

Some people LOVE the sensation of feeling fear. Scientists understand our love of horror in all art forms as a way to experience that rush of dopamine that comes with a true scare whilst our brains understand that we are in no real danger. If only that were true for current times. Leave your newspapers […]

Ready-player-6-Perfect games-for-groups

Ready Player 6: The Best Games Perfect For Groups

The Rule of 6 (and Borris) have made group hangs more challenging and a little less fun. But at Platform, we’re here to tell you that you can still experience the joy of (up to) six, safely. Two’s a  company, three’s a crowd, and six is a squad perfect for video games. Online is fine […]

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