Top 6 Scariest Video Game Characters

There are two schools of thought on Halloween costumes; those who think that it’s about taking everyday professions and putting the word “sexy” in front of them, and those that think that it’s about dressing as a hideous monster. At Platform, we fall very heavily into the latter category. To inspire your next costume please devour our list of the Top 6 Scariest Video Game Characters:

  1. Richard Trager – Outlast

Outlast is a game filled with murderous psychiatric patients but Doctor Richard Trager might be the scariest of the bunch. The twisted doctor captures you, ties you to a wheelchair then parades you past a number of his current “experiments”. His seemingly calm demeanour is worryingly at odds with the gore that surrounds him. Your encounter with this sadistic bastard culminates in a large pair of shears and the graphic loss of two fingers. The eventual heart-racing escape from his grasp is made all the more terrifying knowing what he is capable of. A monster in the truest sense of the word. 

  1. Clickers – Last of Us series

Some would argue the real monsters of the Last of Us are the uninfected humans. And whilst this view is poetic it does ignore the blind, disgusting, part person, part fungus creatures known for their echo-locating noise; The Clickers. These enhanced strength nightmares make formidable foes in close combat and in a game filled with tension somehow managed to ramp it up even further upon hearing their distinctive cry. Players must rely upon their stealth skills to avoid making a noise lest they draw the ceaseless aggression of these mutated terrors. NOT FUN. 

  1. The Witch – Left 4 Dead series

This class of zombie just wants to be left alone and my recommendation would be to do just that. The Witch can be heard bitterly crying and still like that unless you happened to agitate her (don’t) cries will turn into terrifying shrieks before she finally stops, turns, and sprints towards you at an impossible speed. Long, lank hair covers, her pale face revealing only her sunken red eyes and a mouth full of sharp bloody teeth. The look is completed with the ultimate accessory; extra-long claws on each of her fingers designed for single strike kills. This is exactly the wrong sort of creature that you want coming at you directly. Remember those cries are a warning, heed them.  

  1. Pyramid Head: Silent Hill series

It’s very simple to reduce this character to a rather meek collection of words; a man wearing a large metal pyramid with a big knife. But trust me this is one scary-ass bastard. Designed as a manifestation of the fears of Silent Hill 2’s protagonist, Pyramid Head, groans, moans, murders, and rapes indiscriminately through the already oppressive town of Silent Hill. When first encountered he is luckily separated from us by a wall of bars but moments later when we are in that exact same spot he is nowhere to be seen. What should feel like a relief just starts a cold sweat dripping, if he’s not where we last saw him, where is he? Silent Hill doesn’t bother making you wait too long before you stumble upon Pyramid Head committing some foul sexual deeds with two monsters. Which begs the question; what would he do to a mere human? No amount of low-resolution graphics can prevent your own imagination from filling the blanks with a catalogue of dark, terrible answers. 

  1. Necromorphs – Dead Space series

Essentially, space zombies, Necromorphs are reanimated and mutated corpses whose sole purpose is to spread their disease and create more Necromorphs. So far, so zombie? What elevates them into the upper echelons of this list is the diversity of mutations that they produce all of which are horrific to behold in their own sinister way. A particular stand out is the ‘Divider’ made of long limbs, a collapsed face, disjointed gait, and blood-curdling noises. Their name comes from their nasty habit of splitting into 5 spider-like mini-monsters just when it seems like the bugger is finished. No thank you. Why won’t the undead stay dead? 

  1. Jack Baker – RE 7

Ah, Jack Baker; family man, god fearing man, zombie mould man. Jack is rather unfortunate to become infected, along with his family, after another failed attempt by a shady organisation to weaponise zombie-like creatures. When will they ever learn that this is a terrible idea? The difference with the Bakers is that they feel much closer to the family from the Texan Chainsaw Massacre than some shuffling, rotting, meat-bags. Of particular note is a section of the game where Jack violently stalks you around the house with a shovel which he uses to great effect in the separation of your foot from your possession. Escaping from the Baker family home equipped with a pocketknife is a harrowing experience which increased my fear of, in no particular order; chainsaws, run-down houses, shovels, axes, zombies, unplanned amputations, family meals, and Southern drawls. Your next Sunday roast is all but guaranteed to bring about a burst of PTSD after your encounters with Mr Baker.  


Pro-Gamer Tip: Don’t play Silent Hill 2. 

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