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Ready Player 6: The Best Games Perfect For Groups

The Rule of 6 (and Borris) have made group hangs more challenging and a little less fun. But at Platform, we’re here to tell you that you can still experience the joy of (up to) six, safely. Two’s a  company, three’s a crowd, and six is a squad perfect for video games. Online is fine but we firmly believe that playing together IRL is how gaming should be done. At Platform, surround yourselves with drinks, pizzas, controllers and, most importantly, friends & housemates for a covid-safe night out.

So we’ve compiled this list of the top 6 best games to distract you & your buddies from this scary world:


6.Super Smash Bros This frantic four-person brawler will get your heart racing as you frantically bash buttons and try to knock the other three players off the screen. Throw into the mix over 70 playable characters from Pikachu to Bowser to the Wii Trainer all with unique move and styles and you got yourself the best sort of chaos. But why a four-player game for a six-person squad, I hear you ask. Well, it’s simply too intense for anyone to play without a break, having two players on the sidelines cheering you on and ready to jump in take over. Seriously you’ve not lived until you’ve seen PacMan dominate Luigi with a lightsabre. Facts.

5. Overwatch – Form a team of six from a choice of 32 heroes and work together to destroy all the teams that stand in your way. Each character brings something unique to the team so you can really start to feel yourselves gel together better than a 13-year-old with a tub of VO5. To call Overwatch a “shooter” feels a touch reductive, yes there is a lot of shooting but the gorgeous visuals, oversized characters, and importance of teamwork elevate this game beyond such a basic term. And if your pals don’t want to play a game with Winston the jump-pack wearing space gorilla it’s time to get new friends.

4. Just Dance – Listen to the TikTok generation, singing is dead and dancing is the only way to express yourself. Dig deep and release your snake hips as you move to the music and gyrate away your inhibitions. Apparently, there’s a full scoring system but really this game is about having fun with friends and housemates and occasionally (mostly) looking a bit ridiculous. Seriously though take my advice stick on Chromeo’s ‘Fancy Footwork’ and the party will most definitely get started. And if it doesn’t? Well, alcohol was invented for a reason and the Power up Potions at Platform are perfect confidence companion.

3.Apex Legends – In any friendship group there are always people that you prefer over others. Why not get rid of the subtext and have it out in the open? Apex Legends splits you into teams of 2 or 3 and lets you shoot the living hell out of one another. This battle royale is full of unique characters like a cyborg MMA fighter to the evil pesticide manufacturer, Apex Legends lets you find the right playstyle to suit everyone in your group. This game is popular worldwide for a reason, how could millions of people be wrong? (ignoring all recent referendums and elections, obviously). We recommend playing 3 vs. 3

2. Overcooked 2 – The tired adage states that too many cooks spoil the broth but what if we lived in a world where the inverse was true? Overcooked 2 IS THAT WORLD. The simple process of working in a restaurant kitchen and bashing out meals is hampered by said kitchens existing across two moving trucks, or a hot hair balloon that’s on fire. Split into teams of two and get going with some 2v2 action. And yes this is another example needing an extra team to sub in after each epic culinary battle. This fast-paced game will give you severe anxiety but it’s the best sort of anxiety. It’s our chef’s favourite game.

1. Super Mario Party – Split into teams of 2 and take turns playing over 80 (80?!) mini-games to find out who is the master of such important skills as pie-throwing, cooking the perfect steak, and pushing penguins around an ice rink. You know life skills. The beauty of this game is that turnaround time between each team player allows for drinks to keep flowing and food (obviously a pizza) to be shovelled in whilst cheering at the top of you lungs for your mate to ride that tricycle faster. This is the classic example of a more the merrier party game.

Pro-gamer tip: include penalty shots of your favourite spirit to the winner of each game to keep the playing field as level as possible. Power-up positions are perfect, check out the menu on the homepage. 

Pro-pro-gamer tip: drink lots of water before bed if using the pro-gamer tip.

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Ready-player-6-Perfect games-for-groups

Ready Player 6: The Best Games Perfect For Groups

The Rule of 6 (and Borris) have made group hangs more challenging and a little less fun. But at Platform, we’re here to tell you that you can still experience the joy of (up to) six, safely. Two’s a  company, three’s a crowd, and six is a squad perfect for video games. Online is fine […]

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