Platform Smash 100k Running Challenge

Platform Smash 1000k Run for Mind in the City Hackney & Waltham Forrest

10 members of the Platform Team, from every level of the Company, are coming together to collectively run 1000k to raise £1000 in one month for  Mind CHWF. That means 100k each by 11th December!

Our mission, is to raise money for and awareness of, this hugely important charity.  However, given the difficulty and varying circumstances of 2020, if you’re not able to support via donation, please share our mission or send our lovely team some words of encouragement.

You can donate at our GoFundMe page

Girl Running 100

Shout outs to our top 10: Jo (our humble leader), Lem, Eloise, Grant, Austin, Liam, Daniel, Lucas, Nicolo & Tomaso – GO team!

We’ve selected Mind CHWF for a number of reasons: Mental Health is a subject that will touch us all in some form – directly or indirectly. Promoting good mental health and supporting one another during the more difficult times, has always been a very a prominent feature of the Platform Team. 

Most of our team reside in the Hackney Borough. During 2020, we’ve seen the struggle and the increase in support needed amongst our community. Mind CHWF offer a multitude of free services: from 1-2-1 sessions, community support groups, to Company mental well being guidance and advocacy for individuals. 

We’re all too aware that therapeutic treatments come at a cost and that lengthy NHS waiting lists often leave vulnerable people unsupported. Mind CHWF are enduring and unwavering in their support at every level for those who need it. During a time that we’ve not only seen a rise in the need support, but also an increase in waiting times and an overstretched NHS, Mind CHWF are stepping in to offer vital services. 

For more information please visit – there will also be a Mind relevant to your location, if you should need it!

For now, please join us in our bid to give back if you’re able. Your support would mean a lot to our team!

PLEASE NOTE: When we hit £500 in donations, our lovely Director (Director Dan) and his Company (Invictus) will match it! We’re holding him to that, plus getting the drinks in when we’re done.

We’ll keep you updated as we go, but we will smash this target!



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